Concierge Documentation


If you come from ExpressionEngine, it's very simple. Concierge brings back the "Awaiting Moderation" panel and the routine that goes with it to Craft. If you don't come from EE then fear not, Concierge is still pretty simple to grasp.

When a new user registers through the front end of you site, Concierge will:

  • Suspend the new user
  • Send the new user a notification to inform her that her account is "pending approval"
  • Send an admin or moderator of your choice a notification of this new registration

Why use "Suspended" instead of a new, custom status or even a user group? KISS. Suspended users cannot login to the site which is just what we want here. No need to complicate things.

Once an account gets "Unsuspended", Concierge will, if you want it to, send a welcome message to the user to inform her that her account is now ready for use.

  • Configure, translate and enable all Concierge messages individually through Craft native messages interface.
  • Dedicated Control panel section listing all users "awaiting moderation" with group moderation facilities
  • Dashboard widget to display Pending member count

Getting Started


Craft Pro 2+ OR Craft 3

Installation for Craft 2
  1. Download and unzip Concierge
  2. Upload the entire Concierge directory to craft/plugins
  3. Install Concierge in the admin/plugins area

Same as installation then just refresh the admin/plugins area

Installation for Craft 3

You can install Concierge from the Plugin Store.

Setting things up

Concierge has a few settings which can be accessed in Settings > Plugins > Concierge (or directly from the settings page from Craft 2.5)

Configure Messages

The first thing you'll want to do is configure the messages Concierge is going to send for you. To do this, visit Craft's native messages section (Settings > Email > Messages) and scroll to the bottom, you will see 3 messages name "Concierge". The plugin comes with 3 default messages you can re use or of course edit to suit your need.

Awaiting moderation message - This message goes out to the user only as soon as they complete their registration.

Account activated message - This message goes out to the user only as soon as their account is unsuspended by a moderator/admin.

Notification of new registration message - By default, this message goes out to admin every time a new user registers through the front end of their site.

note: Because Concierge uses Craft's API for its messages, Concierge can easily be localised.

Message delivery settings

This section let's you enable/disable each message individually.

Tip: This is useful if you want to combine moderation and Craft's native email verification. You can disable the first message Concierge would normally send out and simply edit Craft's default Email verification email to include a note about your moderation procedure. The routine is then as follow: User registration > email verification message goes out > user verifies email > moderator activates account.

Moderator email override

By default, if you have the "Notification of new registration" message enabled, Concierge will send this message to the admin email set in the main config. Using this field, you can set a moderator of your choice.


Once configured, the only thing you have to do is wait for new registrations! Then visit the new Concierge tab the plugin adds to the control panel. Here you will see your new user and will be able to moderate them from a very familiar and friendly elementIndex template.