Simple user moderation plugin for Craft

Concierge introduces a simple user moderation routine in your craft sites.

Keepin' it simple.

Out of the box Craft doesn't offer a way to moderate new user registration gracefully. Concierge does just that.

When a new user registers on your site, Concierge will:

  • Suspend the new account
  • Send a holding email to the new user
  • Send a notification to a moderator

Once a moderator activates the new user, concierge will send a welcome email notifying the user her account is active. Et voila.

All messages are conditional, customisable and support locale, you can select who receives notifications of registration, concierge creates its own tab in the control panel where you will find all those users "awaiting activation"...Oh and there's a dashboard widget too because clients love a widget + more to come...

You're welcome.


Why make this?
After migrating a client's site from EE to Craft, the client wanted to retain the ability to moderate new users and liked the way it was done in EE. Concierge came about as an emmulation of EE's user moderation routine. There are ways around this using member groups but I wanted to have something integrated and most importantly simple.
Is this looked after?
Concierge is on a few medium size client sites (100s of users) and is very well looked after thank you. It does its job everyday and in exchange I look after him.
Do I get support?
Yes, once your purchase has gone through, I'm on email/slack most of the time (for licence holders only).
Why suspend users instead of a custom status?
Again, keeping it simple. Suspended users are unable to access the site by default. Nothing to add, nothing to take away. If you'd rather have a custom status, tell me.
What's the plan?
Now that concierge is distributed, I have a couple of features I want to add and I'm sure I will get ideas from you guys but mostly, I want concierge to stay very simple and perform only a few tasks. Intercept registrations and hold them, distribute notifications and... that's it!